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Invoice Bell LLC Privacy Policy

Last Update: 19 August, 2023

Effective Date: 19 August, 2023

Definition: "Invoice Bell LLC Services" and "Invoice Bell Services" - Refers to all digital and physical services provided to the end-user by Invoice Bell LLC. Examples include the authorized and unauthorized use of for invoicing, estimating, quoting and other financial services needs. This includes services used under a created user account, as well as services used under as a guest user.

Definition: "Invoice Bell" - Refers to the company Invoice Bell LLC

Definition: "Guest" - Refers to users who use services without being signed in to a created account.

Definition: "Account" - Refers to a registered Invoice Bell Account that has been created by you or a third-party you are associated with. It can also be used as a reference to an account created by you or for you on a third-party platform. Pay attention to the context around the word "account".

Definition: "We", "Our" - When using the word "we" or "our", this refers to the company Invoice Bell LLC

This license is worldwide and applicable and valid anywhere in the world. By using Invoice Bell LLC services provided through, you are subject to the following privacy policy.

1. This Privacy Policy describes how Invoice Bell LLC collects, processes, and uses the personal and commercial data that you enter into Invoice Bell LLC services through your use of Invoice Bell LLC collects personal and non-personal data related to your sign-up information, login information, company information, customer information, contact information, contacts, login, terms and conditions, invoicing data, estimating data, unique identifiers, cookies, session data, interaction data, images, logos, and more. All collected data is stored on Invoice Bell infrastructure. We use the data that we collect from users to operate our Invoice Bell LLC services, improve our products and services, fix errors, and perform analytical research. We collect data from all users to help improve our products and services.

2. Invoice Bell LLC uses collected personal and non-personal data to display interest-based advertisements for products and services that we determine are likely to interest you. Invoice Bell LLC uses cookies, sessions, and unique identifiers to recognize your account and perform actions on our Invoice Bell LLC services. The cookies, sessions, and unique identifiers that we collect are critical to the operation of Invoice Bell LLC services. If you block or reject Invoice Bell LLC cookies, sessions, or unique identifiers, you will not be able to properly use Invoice Bell LLC services. The proper operation of Invoice Bell LLC services is subject to the acceptance and use of Invoice Bell LLC cookies, session, and unique identifiers. By using Invoice Bell LLC services, you agree to allow Invoice Bell LLC to use cookies, sessions, and unique identifiers to properly operate our services. We use third-party analytics trackers to help us collect user data and improve our systems.

3. We collect information about the apps, browsers, and devices that you use to access and interact with our services like

4. Invoice Bell LLC does not sell information that we collect from you to third party entities.

5. Invoice Bell LLC will use the data we collect from you to provide you with integrated services from third party sources. For example, in order to provide you with payment processing capabilities, Invoice Bell may share personal information we have stored in your account to third-party companies so that you can properly use these services.

6. Invoice Bell LLC performs daily backups of our databases and encrypts all stored passwords related to user accounts. Invoice Bell LLC reserves the right to release any data related to your account, web browser sessions, or data we store about you if it is needed to comply with a valid law enforcement request within the country our services were used in by the end-user. Invoice Bell LLC provides users with the ability to request a copy of their invoices, estimates, quotes, other financial data, and other data that is stored using Invoice Bell LLC services. Invoice Bell LLC does not provide the option to opt out of any data collection that is specified in Invoice Bell LLC's terms of service and privacy policy.

7. If you choose to use any Invoice Bell LLC services, your use and any dispute over privacy is governed by the terms presented in this privacy policy, and Invoice Bell LLC's terms of service. Please contact Invoice Bell LLC through our contact us page if you have any questions or disputes related to privacy. Unless stated otherwise, this privacy policy is applicable to all data that is collected from you, and about you through your use of Invoice Bell LLC services. Any information that you provide to a third-party related to Invoice Bell LLC services is subject to the privacy policy of the respective owner / owners of the third-party company or entity.

8. Invoice Bell will encrypt your data or de-identify it in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to tie the data back to your personal identity or Invoice Bell Account when necessary or applicable.

9. If your Invoice Bell account is shared with a third-party or access to it is compromised by a third-party, Invoice Bell LLC is not responsible for any damages resulting from the unauthorized access or extraction of data that is extracted from your account by the third-party.

10. It is your responsibility to create secure passwords and protect your login information from getting into the hands of unauthorized third-parties.