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Invoice Bell LLC Terms of Service

Last Update: 19 August, 2023

Effective Date: 19 August, 2023

Definition: "Invoice Bell LLC Services" and "Invoice Bell Services" - Refers to all digital and physical services provided to the end-user by Invoice Bell LLC. Examples include the authorized and unauthorized use of for invoicing, estimating, quoting and other financial services needs. This includes services used under a created user account, as well as services used as a guest user.

Definition: "Invoice Bell" - Refers to the company Invoice Bell LLC

Definition: "Guest" - Refers to users who use services without being signed into a created account.

Definition: "Account" - Refers to a registered Invoice Bell Account that has been created by you or a third-party you are associated with. It can also be used as a reference to an account created by you or for you on a third-party platform. Pay attention to the context around the word "account".

Definition: "We", "Our" - When using the word "we" or "our", this refers to the company Invoice Bell LLC

This license is worldwide, applicable, and valid anywhere in the world. By using Invoice Bell LLC services provided through, you are subject to the following conditions of use.

1. When you are using any Invoice Bell LLC Services, you may be communicating with Invoice Bell LLC directly through communication channels like a database, emails, text messages, phone calls, direct mail to your registered address, direct messages in your account, and other communication channels for customer support. You consent to receive communication from us through the channels listed above, as well as other reasonable digital channels of Invoice Bell LLC's choosing. You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures, and other communications that you electronically confirm or sign, satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.

2. In order to use Invoice Bell LLC services as a guest or create an account on, you need to be 18+ years old in all countries.

3. Invoice Bell LLC is constantly improving our services to make them better for our end-users. Services will be added, adjusted, and removed as we see fit.

4. Invoice Bell LLC services are only tools. We are not a financial services intermediary and any invoices, estimates, quotes, and other financial documents created through our services are not legally binding between any parties involved. Any financial and legal disputes between the individual, company, or organization creating their invoice or using it to bill, and the billed to customer/party is between them and does not involve Invoice Bell LLC legally.

5. Invoice Bell LLC can and will revoke access to accounts and services on if the account holder or any user of the account breaks Invoice Bell LLC's terms of service, uses the platform to break the law in the country where the Invoice Bell LLC service was used, or engages in any personal or professional behavior that Invoice Bell LLC deems could potentially harm our business or brand image.

6. Invoice Bell LLC will adjust the content, features, and pricing of our service offerings based on Invoice Bell's financial discretion and market realities. For example, we may adjust the features offered under our free Invoice Bell account. If you have an existing account, your account offerings will be adjusted to match our updated feature offerings. New features may be added, limitations placed on existing features, or the removal of features provided under a specific account type. The same logic applies to paid subscription accounts. The feature offerings may be adjusted to match Invoice Bell's financial discretion and market realities.

7. Invoice Bell LLC allows guest users and account holders to use our services, but Invoice Bell LLC retains any intellectual property rights we have in the services. Users, website visitors, or any third party individual, group, or organization are not allowed to copy or use our intellectual property outside of under any circumstances. Invoice Bell LLC will pursue legal action against any individual or organization infringing on our intellectual property rights.

8. As a guest user or account holder, you agree that our Privacy Policy applies to your use of our services.

9. Using Invoice Bell LLC services to break laws in any country Invoice Bell LLC services are offered in will lead to the termination of your account, and the withdrawal of your right to use Invoice Bell LLC services. This applies to individuals, groups, and organizations using our services.

10. If you choose to upload content to Invoice Bell servers, local services and systems, or cloud services and systems, you need to make sure that you have the necessary rights and licensure to do so and use those assets. Use or uploading of assets that you do not have the rights and licensure to use will subject you to the possible termination of your Invoice Bell LLC account or the loss of your right to use our services.

11. If any of the content you create using Invoice Bell LLC services violates our terms of service, Invoice Bell LLC reserves the right to remove and delete your content from our services. If you break the rules in Invoice Bell LLC's terms of service and we don't take action right away, we reserve the right to take action in the future. Invoice Bell LLC's failure to enforce your compliance with policies laid out in the terms of service and privacy policy agreements will not constitute a waiver of any of our rights.

12. Any data that you enter, save to, or upload to Invoice Bell LLC services will be analyzed, aggregated, and studied to help improve our services. Invoice Bell LLC will de-identify this data to protect your identity and the identity of your customers in situations where it is necessary to protect your privacy. We do not sell your personal data. We may use your data with third party companies and partners to provide additional services and to improve our services.

13. Invoice Bell uses third-party entities and partners to provide additional services like subscription management, payment processing, customer support, and other services. As a user of our service or an account holder, you are subject to the terms of service, conditions of use, and privacy policy of the third-party entity if you choose to use services from third-parties offered through Invoice Bell LLC services. By using Invoice Bell services that rely on third parties, you acknowledge that you agree to the terms of service, conditions of use, and privacy policy of the third-party entity.

14. Invoice Bell LLC reserves the right to retain copies of any data you enter into, save to, or upload to We retain this data for potential future legal purposes and to analyze data to improve our services.

15. Any documents like invoices, estimates, quotes, or any other document created using Invoice Bell LLC services are fully editable before, during, and after its initial creation or first saved state. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data of any document produced using Any document produced using is not legally binding to Invoie Bell LLC. Invoice Bell LLC only provides tools used to generate financial documents, and is not a financial institution responsible for the legal accuracy or authority of these documents. Any disputes regarding payments or the accuracy of the financial documents produced using are the responsibility of the individual, group, or organization that produced the financial document, and the individual, group, or organization represented as the customer. Any financial responsibilities like payments, refunds, or adjustments are the responsibility of the parties involved and do not include Invoice Bell LLC. We only provide the tools. The financial and legal outcome of any business transactions or contracts involving documents produced using Invoice Bell LLC services does not involve Invoice Bell LLC in any form, even when our branding or services fascillaitated a transaction, agreement, or any legally binding interaction.

16. Invoice Bell LLC services may not be available during scheduled maintenance periods, while updates are being pushed to the system, or power outages. Invoice Bell is not responsible for any damages caused to the account holder or organization the account holder works for or represents due to any unavailability periods.

17. Invoice Bell LLC is not responsible for any financial, professional, or personal damages that may occur to the licensee because of account or license suspensions, cancellations, modifications, or deletions.

18. Your continued use of Invoice Bell LLC services after the effective date of revisions to Invoice Bell LLC's terms of services and privacy policy constitutes your acceptance of the updated terms of those agreements that govern your license.